Trinity Healings – Kristi Piper

Trinity Healings

“If one conceives of God as an intelligent, loving light, and if one opens to this light, true healing of mind, body and spirit can occur.” ~ Bernie Siegel

Miracles of transformation and healing take place when we open ourselves to sacred union with Spirit setting our spiritual intention to align with healing the body, mind and spirit. The journey of healing is a multi-faceted and multi dimensional experience incorporating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being.

As we surrender to the mystical experience of healing, a whole new world begins to open up connecting us to the body’s wisdom to heal, our soul’s divine mission, our passion and creative essence, spiritual guides and angels, and to the divine connection of the Holy Spirit who breathes new life into our being. Our connection to this divine source provides direction, inner wisdom and strengthens our intuitive guiding force which leads us on our path.

Healing facilitates the process of conscious evolution which allows one to reach deeper states of love, joy, peace, surrender, balance, serenity, harmony, grace, faith, compassion, devotion, empowerment and ultimately reaching a state of oneness and unity with all.