Trinity Healings – Kristi Piper


“I just wanted to thank you for the way you bring the presence of the Divine into our sessions. Each session builds upon the previous one because of the careful attention you pay to the threads and themes of the Spirit. The way that you have shared parts of your own journey with me are empowering as well. You have so much to give and you give freely. Thank you for being so grounded and for having done all the personal and professional work that enable you to be such a beautiful healer. You are affirming and life giving. The mystical and magical always arrive in your presence. Thank you for being a teacher, while treating me as an equal.”
Sarah McEvoy, Urbana, IL
"I am thankful to have found a practitioner who allows the Spirit to move through her and the client.   I came looking for a pure touch to witness and help ground my body and soul. I have never found her to squelch my inner wisdom by her own agenda. She truly bows to the divine within. Thank you Kristi."
Darlene Severin, Champaign, IL

"Kristi's long-distance work with me has been no less than miraculous. Her innate ability to navigate, interpret, and bring forth the higher realms of divine energy for healing is truly amazing. Kristi has consistently brought me improved health regarding many physical problems from my severe, long-term disability that continue to be a puzzle to the medical field. Her work has been a gift beyond measure, changing my life's trajectory from chronic, increasing suffering to health. Of the many serious issues in which she has brought me relief, one of the most significant and life-altering has been my ability to breathe again peacefully while I sleep. She has given me a calmer body, and with that, a more peaceful mind. In addition, Kristi's exceptional insight has shown me how these physical issues interrelate and their role in my own spiritual awakening. It has been exceedingly helpful to gain an understanding of the broader good, or purpose, for such challenges; it is easier to handle challenges when I am aware of the silver lining. I am forever grateful for this kind, talented, genuine woman for her help in this lifetime. Thank God there are people like Kristi!"                                                                          
Lee Ann Laraway, San Jose, CA    

“Kristi Piper is truly a phenomenal healer and a loving, wonderful person as well.  Her work with chakras is beyond my understanding, but never beyond my  appreciation. I am working with healing both muscular dystrophy and lyme  disease and find her contribution to this effort to be invaluable. I highly  recommend Kristi to anyone wanting help making sense of the energy aspect  of their being. She is absolutely connected to this arena and lovingly shares her knowledge with her clients. I am lucky to have found her.”
Jan Labate, Soquel, CA

“Kristi Piper is an amazing healer! She has a kind, loving, and deeply compassionate heart. She helps me to feel whole, more alive, happier, calmer and deeply loved. I take less medication for anxiety now. I just seem to feel clearer and more connected to the Earth and Universe. Often she sees past lives and traumas that still cause problems in this life, so this gives me a greater understanding of my current life path. Each session with her puts me in touch with the Divine especially when she helped me birth my inner core Star – that was profound! I always feel very safe doing this deep inner healing work with her. Thank you from the deepths of my heart and soul!”
Fran Fay, Portland, OR

“In regards to Kristi Piper, she is one of the most dedicated, spiritual, women I know; and I am sure she is “holding the space” for many of us. Kristi has been a blessing to me in all ways – physically, mentally, spiritually. Thank you for the opportunity to validate her. She is of the Christ Consciousness.”
Mary Carroll King, Urbana, IL

“Behind Kristi’s unassuming ways are potent gifts of healing.  She channels ethereal forces for the good of earthly souls like you and me, and connects angelic energies to our human needs. To receive Kristi’s healing intervention is to experience the work of benevolent powers in your life and know that you are protected.”
Carol M., Champaign, IL

“Thanks for being the ‘real deal’.  Kristi encourages me to look deeper into an issue to realize the solution comes from within.”
Anne Totheroh, Bloomington, IL

“Make a gift of your life and lift all mankind by being kind, considerate, forgiving, and compassionate at all times, in all places, and under all conditions, with everyone as well as yourself. This is the greatest gift anyone can give.” ~ David R. Hawkins