Trinity Healings – Kristi Piper

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Kristi Piper
Trinity Healings
1108 E. Main Street
Urbana, IL 81801

There is free parking in the back of the building located off Birch Street.

Phone: (217) 390-4836

“What are the changes which create this environment conducive to healing – the introduction of laughter, music, love, forgiveness and acceptance – all coming after a release of resentment, conflict and despair. Every cell in the body is then involved in the healing process. When we laugh, every cell laughs. When we love, our immune system feels the most vibrant live message it can receive and fights for our life. I say choose this course not in an attempt to try to live forever, but because of the beauty it brings to your life. It is God’s work. If you choose to love you are a success. You will have days when you will disappoint yourself for not loving enough, but forgive, and go on. It is the pilgrimage which is important and what we encounter along the way; not the necessity of reaching “sainthood” but striving towards it. ~ Bernie Siegel